Financial Relationship Disclosure

This blog contains one or more links that we are being financially compensated for and we wanted to be open and honest with you about it.

From time-to-time other companies will pay us a commission on any referred sales or other compensation if we send any of our site visitors to their web site.

Although we are sometimes compensated for making such recommendations, please know that we will NEVER willingly promote poor quality products or services.

You have OUR PROMISE that we will only recommend products and services that we honestly feel will provide you with great value.

The only reason we even join affiliate programs, is that we found ourselves already recommending certain products or services on a regular basis, and realized that it simply made sense to monetize something we were already doing. We absolutely WILL NOT endorse a product or service that we don’t believe in. In most cases we use the product or service in our daily business.

We usually add the link to the resource first because of its merit, without any affiliate link, and then check whether a affiliate or referral program is available. We will probably sign up for the program if there is one available. Then we may replace the direct link to the resource with an affiliate link. It is more important to us that the linked product or service provide value for you, than for us to receive any income from a potential affiliate. We simply will not recommend something we don’t believe in, whether or not any compensation is provided.

No compensation is worth violating your trust, and that’s what we want to express. The opinions we state about a product or service, are our actual opinions, and are not affected by any affiliate link. We are committed to bringing honest opinion and commentary in this blog, to provide value for you, the reader, and member of our community.