Info on Google’s New Ability to Index Flash

In case you haven’t heard, Adobe has provided tools to search engines to help them index Flash. The day may be near that Flash will be search engine friendly, although my gut instinct tells me it’s going to be a rough road before there is any value to Google crawling Flash. Nevertheless, here are some links to relevant coverage:

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Flash SEO Quick Tips

You can best optimize a Flash site if done from the beginning. It is a problem if there is only one page, as it doesn’t look too good to search engines that it’s only a one-page site. There is some truth that having more pages helps (to an extent), as long as they are quality pages. For one, there’s more pages for others to link to. To have a well optimized Flash site, you need to have unique URL’s and not have all the content load on one page. You may need to think of some ways to modify the current flash to load in separate pages. Normally I recommend that Flash sites are created using a mix of Flash elements and html. Read more on Flash SEO Quick Tips…

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