How to Stop the Diggbar (or Anything Else) from Owning Your Site

Recently Digg has overstepped its bounds by framing the content of websites it links to with its new “Diggbar”. Internet marketing savvy site owners are, shall we say, less than happy about this. It’s tough to tell if they are being obnoxiously greedy or are just plain ignorant of internet etiquette. Not to be quick to judge, but I have a hard time believing they are that ignorant. Read more on How to Stop the Diggbar (or Anything Else) from Owning Your Site…

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Nofollow Blogroll SEO Plugin for WordPress Released

On many WordPress blogs, the Blogroll may be hurting your site’s search engine optimization.

Linking out to other sites from every page of your site (sitewide links) can hurt because it bleeds link juice out unnecessarily, lowering your site’s PageRank, authority, and search engine rankings. Sitewide links tend not to have as much value, so a site only really benefits from one good incoming link per site. There is absolutely no need to pass link juice out to Blogroll links on every single page of a WordPress blog. Read more on Nofollow Blogroll SEO Plugin for WordPress Released…

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SES NY – Search on a Dime

I recently live-blogged the Search Engine Strategies NY session: “Search on a Dime” for Search Engine Guide.

This session covered organic SEO and paid search strategies for small business.

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Search Engine Strategies New York – Search on a Dime Read more on SES NY – Search on a Dime…

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Duplicate Content Prevention: Canonical Tag

As you know, duplicate content can often create problems for SEO and hinder a website’s rankings. This particular problem shows up in a multitude of situations, including any time multiple URL’s are generated (tracking campaigns, etc), or where content is database-driven (for example CMS’s such as e-commerce or blogs).

It is always recommended that you keep your site’s URL structure as clean as possible, but recently the search engines have come together to create a backup option that can also help – the canonical tag. Read more on Duplicate Content Prevention: Canonical Tag…

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Duplicate Content Prevention: WWW vs. Non-WWW and .Htaccess

Many website owners have a technical SEO issue with their site(s) that they don’t even realize, and when left uncorrected, can really hurt search engine rankings. This situation occurs when the one or more pages can be accessed via several different URL’s. Read more on Duplicate Content Prevention: WWW vs. Non-WWW and .Htaccess…

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Server Stability is Essential to SEO Success

When you are doing search engine optimization for a site, you can do everything else right, but if your web server isn’t stable, all your best efforts will be in vain.

Many site owners overlook this, and make false assumptions that their site will always be up and running, or that the downtime won’t affect SEO efforts (or their business success in general). Well, it’s time to think again. Read more on Server Stability is Essential to SEO Success…

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The Ultimate ‘Show Nofollow Links’ Bookmarklet for Link Building Research

When doing link building research for Search Engine Optimization, it’s important to find pages have links that pass link juice. To do this, you need to be able to see which links on a site are nofollowed (rel=”nofollow” in the link code).

JavaScript bookmarklets can be useful because they help you quickly identify which links on a page are nofollowed. There have been plenty of bookmarklets floating around that do this, but none of the others accomplished everything I would like them to. Some were coded in such a way that they only picked up about half of the nofollowed links, because they don’t account for the fact that you can have other rel values in addition to nofollow. (For example, instead of rel=”nofollow”, some have rel=”nofollow external”, etc. and these aren’t picked up by most of the other bookmarklets.) The others that did pick these up didn’t alter the CSS very well. Read more on The Ultimate ‘Show Nofollow Links’ Bookmarklet for Link Building Research…

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Google No Longer at War with Search Engine Optimizers

Or, perhaps they never were…

Unfortunately in the Internet marketing world there is a lot of mud-slinging and spreading of misconceptions. Google gets blamed for a lot, and has often been said to hate and/or penalize search engine optimizers. At times I too get skeptical and suspicious of the behemoth that Google has become, but the bottom line is, they have a job to do, and that involves creating guidelines for sites to abide by, and keeping spam out of the index. The truth is that they don’t hate search engine optimizers, but what they don’t like are spammers, and those who are a little too “creative”, shall we say, in their methods of trying to get sites to the top. Read more on Google No Longer at War with Search Engine Optimizers…

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Info on Google’s New Ability to Index Flash

In case you haven’t heard, Adobe has provided tools to search engines to help them index Flash. The day may be near that Flash will be search engine friendly, although my gut instinct tells me it’s going to be a rough road before there is any value to Google crawling Flash. Nevertheless, here are some links to relevant coverage:

Read more on Info on Google’s New Ability to Index Flash…

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June SEM Links

A lot has happened in the SEM industry this month. I was going to post some of these on earlier this month, but amid a torrent of crazy events, including the “excitement” [cough **stress** cough] of the explosion and fire at the data center where some of our websites are hosted, things got a little pushed back. So, I’ve continued gathering these over the last few weeks, and there are some great links that you will want to check out. Read more on June SEM Links…

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