How to Stop the Diggbar (or Anything Else) from Owning Your Site

the new diggbar: How to Stop the Diggbar (or Anything Else) from Owning Your Site web design social media marketing seo sem javascript Recently Digg has overstepped its bounds by framing the content of websites it links to with its new “Diggbar”. Internet marketing savvy site owners are, shall we say, less than happy about this. It’s tough to tell if they are being obnoxiously greedy or are just plain ignorant of internet etiquette. Not to be quick to judge, but I have a hard time believing they are that ignorant. Read more on How to Stop the Diggbar (or Anything Else) from Owning Your Site…

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SES NY – Search on a Dime

I recently live-blogged the Search Engine Strategies NY session: “Search on a Dime” for Search Engine Guide.

This session covered organic SEO and paid search strategies for small business.

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Search Engine Strategies New York – Search on a Dime Read more on SES NY – Search on a Dime…

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Going to SES San Jose?

Hear Me Speak at SES San Jose 08 In about a week, search engine marketers, and those desiring to expand their knowledge in this area, will converge on San Jose, CA for the Search Engine Strategies internet marketing conference. It’s definitely going to be a great time, with a lot of fantastic speakers, and many excellent networking opportunities.

If you are a small business owner or new to search engine marketing, you’ll want to drop by the session on Thursday, August 21 on “Fast, Free and Easy Tools to Get You Going” from 11:30am-12:30pm. I’ll be speaking on a panel with Matt McGee of KeyRelevance and Joe Abraham of SageRock, and moderated by Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide. We’ll be covering a variety of free and low-cost tools that can help beginners and companies on limited budgets, such as small businesses, with their search and online marketing campaigns. Read more on Going to SES San Jose?…

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June SEM Links

A lot has happened in the SEM industry this month. I was going to post some of these on earlier this month, but amid a torrent of crazy events, including the “excitement” [cough **stress** cough] of the explosion and fire at the data center where some of our websites are hosted, things got a little pushed back. So, I’ve continued gathering these over the last few weeks, and there are some great links that you will want to check out. Read more on June SEM Links…

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Joining the Blogging Team at Search Engine Guide

Recently I was recruited to join the team of bloggers at Search Engine Guide. If you aren’t reading (or subscribing to) their blog yet, you should. It’s a great site that gives practical advice about internet marketing. I could not be more impressed with the people behind Search Engine Guide (SEG). They have a passion for helping small business owners, and are the ones who put on the recent Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference I recently blogged about. I’m honored to have met and become friends with this great group of people. Read more on Joining the Blogging Team at Search Engine Guide…

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Small Business Marketing Unleashed – An Essential Conference for Small Business Owners

Small Business Marketing Unleashed - The AlamoYesterday I returned to southern California from Small Business Marketing Unleashed, an awesome 2-day internet marketing conference in Houston, TX planned by the expert team at Search Engine Guide and Small Business Brief. Small Business Marketing Unleashed - The LakeThe conference was held at the Northwest Forest Conference Center just outside the city, with all the technology and amenities of city-based conferences, but with the relaxed atmosphere of a retreat-like forest setting, with a genuine Texan old-west feel. The facilities included a replica of the Alamo, a Texas saloon, Spanish hacienda, a lake, acres of forest, tennis courts, a pool, and rec room to name a few.

Small Business Marketing Unleashed - Heather Lloyd-Martin SpeakingSmall Business Marketing Unleashed is a new and unique type of internet marketing conference targeted at small business owners, who have a unique set of challenges and are often faced with having to multi-task and function in many roles. One of the goals of this conference is to be smaller and more intimate than the larger conferences, in order to help attendees digest information learned and have an easier time connecting with each other. Read more on Small Business Marketing Unleashed – An Essential Conference for Small Business Owners…

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SES NY Day 4 – Wrapping It Up, Along With Some Random Thoughts

The SES conference has continued to be a great experience. Last evening, after the conference sessions were over, many of us headed over to Spotlight Live in Times Square for the SearchBash event. Read more on SES NY Day 4 – Wrapping It Up, Along With Some Random Thoughts…

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SES NY Day 3 – The Conference So Far

The SES conference has been a great experience so far. The first major “networking” event of the week – the SES St. Patty’s Day PubCrawl on Monday – went a bit sideways to start, but a few mavericks were able to get things back on track. Read more on SES NY Day 3 – The Conference So Far…

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Happy St. Patty’s Day and SES NY Kicks Off

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you, especially you Irish readers! I’ll tell you a little secret…I’m Irish, and Irish people rock! Ok, all you non-Irish people are pretty cool too. :) Anyway, this blog is definitely wearing green today. (Well, it wears green every day, but I digress.)

Today kicks off the Search Engine Strategies NY conference and I’m out here to refine my SEO knowledge and network with other SEO professionals. It couldn’t be a better day in New York City…crisp winter air, and sunny blue cloudless skies. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on anything interesting that develops here this week. (If any of you are out here are SES NY, post a comment to let me know. It would be great to connect with you guys out here.) Read more on Happy St. Patty’s Day and SES NY Kicks Off…

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Targeting Niche Keywords in Search Engine Marketing

I just read a great article on Search Engine Marketing for niche keywords, entitled “The Long Tail of Search” on Everything stated in the article is absolutely true.

It basically talks about how there is a large portion of the market that gets ignored when search engine marketing. Often, you can get a huge increase in hits by targeting a lot of very specific niche keywords – the “long tail”. These may net less visitors per keyword, but the ones you get will have a much higher conversion rate. They are typing very specific terms into the search engine because they already know what they want and are ready to buy it. Read more on Targeting Niche Keywords in Search Engine Marketing…

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