The WebGeek Archive

The WebGeek is back. Well, sort of. Let me back up a second and explain.

In case you’re not familiar, WebGeek was a blog about Internet marketing, SEO, and web design, that I authored between 2006-2009, while I was running my previous company.

You might have wondered what I’ve been up to for the past few years since I’ve been pretty quiet. Well, I have a little story for you. Read more on The WebGeek Archive…

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How to Be a Bad Client

Everyone who has taken on clients either as a consultant or in a firm setting will be able to relate to this hilarious video about vendor-client relationships. It had me laughing so hard that I had to share it.

The Vendor-Client Relationship – In Real World Situations Read more on How to Be a Bad Client…

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5 Reasons Why This Meme is Undercover Linkbait

Well, I got tagged. Yep, Will at A Daily Rant fired a link at me. Thanks, Will…now I have to be interesting…Damn. :)

So, I’m thinking that by now just about everyone has heard of the “5 Reasons Why I Blog” meme. In 2007, it’s getting harder and harder to say something original for a post like this. (Seriously, if you want to know the exact reasons why I blog, Jim Boykin couldn’t have said it better.) I don’t want to bore you with a repeat of what probably many other SEO bloggers have posted, and I’ve been inspired by some other creative bloggers who are evolving the 5 reasons meme. In that vein, I’ll give you 5 reasons why this meme is really undercover linkbait. Maybe I should say undercover viral linkbait. That’s right, and here’s why. Read more on 5 Reasons Why This Meme is Undercover Linkbait…

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