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by Scott Allen - January 27, 2014 
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The WebGeek is back. Well, sort of. Let me back up a second and explain.

In case you’re not familiar, WebGeek was a blog about Internet marketing, SEO, and web design, that I authored between 2006-2009, while I was running my previous company.

You might have wondered what I’ve been up to for the past few years since I’ve been pretty quiet. Well, I have a little story for you.

In the beginning of 2010, I closed my previous company down to follow the call of duty. I mean a literal call of duty, not like the game. I enlisted in the Army, and signed up for the Infantry so I could be in the front lines in the fight against terror.

Whoa, slow down there, high speed…why on earth would you do that?

One thing that not a lot of people know about me: The 9/11 terror attacks on New York City hit me in a very real way because I grew up in NY. It hit me hard. I remember standing on top of the World Trade Center as a kid. When 9/11 happened it felt like someone had attacked my home. For many years after that day I had a heavy feeling that I needed to get involved. It didn’t go away and eventually I knew it wouldn’t until I did something. I considered all kinds of options, but nothing clicked until the beginning of 2010. So, I closed down my company and joined up.

So if any of you wondered what happened to me or where I went, it’s because I spent the last 4 years in the U.S. Army, including a combat tour in Afghanistan. It was good…and I’m glad I did it. Now I’m back to doing Internet marketing and web design. What do you know, in that time I haven’t lost my edge. :)

Ok, back to the good stuff…

One thing I discovered is that people actually still want to read some of the old articles on here. Some things are no longer relevant because of the evolution of the web, but what do you know…some of them still are pretty damn relevant. So I dug out the database, and plugged it in here. I’m going to keep some key posts up, so not everything will be here.

Some of you might have wondered what happened to the WP-SpamFree plugin. I passed that on to some others to take care of while I was gone. It may get involved with it again, but I haven’t decided yet. We’ll see. For now I’ll leave its pages up as a reference to anyone who needs it. (UPDATE: I built a new anti-spam plugin on the foundation of WP-SpamFree. The new one is called WP-SpamShield, and is about 100 times better. Seriously. Check it out.)

In case you’re wondering what I’m currently up to, I’ve started a new Internet marketing and web design company, Red Sand Marketing, based in San Diego.

So here it is…the WebGeek Archive. Enjoy.


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