20 Link Building Quickies

by Scott Allen - May 31, 2007 
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It’s been a crazy month over here! As a result, the blog posts have been a little slow for a few weeks. Well, I’ve got some great ones in the works, but they require a bit of time to write. In the mean time, I’ve put together a list of some great articles on link building and link development. Since I’ve already spent a few posts focusing on linkbaiting, the focus here is on manual link building, because for successful SEO you need both. Enjoy!

  1. LinkBait alone won’t do it. You need Link Ninjas. | Jim Boykin’s Internet Marketing Blog
  2. Email is Still the Key to a Successful Link Building Campaign | SEOmoz
  3. Link Building and Emails – Humans do it Better. | Jim Boykin’s Internet Marketing Blog
  4. Expert Link Building Can be Fun! | Jim Boykin’s Internet Marketing Blog
  5. Link Building Articles From Linking Expert Eric Ward
  6. Link Ninjas vs. Bait Pirates | SEOmoz
  7. Link Development Persona: Male Versus Female | WebmasterWorld
  8. Andy Hagans’ Ultimate Guide to Linkbaiting and SMM | Tropical SEO
  9. Training Link Developers on the Link Building Cycle | Stuntdubl
  10. The Art of Writing a Good Link Request | Stuntdubl
  11. The Art of Writing a Good Link Request Part II – Dr. Weaver Revisited | Stuntdubl
  12. Example of a Good Link Request E-mail | Stuntdubl
  13. How to Write Successful Subject Titles for Link Requests | Stuntdubl
  14. Buy, Borrow, Beg, and Barter: Techniques for Link Development | Stuntdubl
  15. Balancing the Link Equation | Stuntdubl
  16. How to Get the Links You Need – Doing the Math on Link Building | Stuntdubl
  17. The Art & Science of the Link Request | Threadwatch
  18. Unconventional Link-Building Ideas | SEOmoz
  19. The Professional’s Guide to Link Building | SEOmoz
  20. Advanced Link Building Strategies | SEOmoz



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    [...] Having a keyword in the domain name helps SEO somewhat, but getting quality inbound links to your site will make much more of an impact on search engine rankings. [...]

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